Press Releases

    The Prefab Solutions

    With the advent of high rise buildings and urbanization all over the GCC and MENA region, ease of safe transport of heavy materials, equipment and even prefabricated structures all throughout the site is crucial.  “For construction jobs where you constantly need to lift and transport heavy load, you will need a high capacity crane as the most cost-effective and safest solution” says Waiel Manfalouti, CEO of House of Equipment LLC the dealer of Yongmao Tower Crane in the Middle East and MENA region. Yongmao, one of the earliest CE certified tower crane from China has had a long focus on higher-capacity tower cranes, to move heavy prefab concrete components especially in sectors like nuclear that have traditionally been the preserve of crawlers and all terrains. Additionally, Yongmao exercises its full potential by introducing new machining equipment and robotic technology in their leading edge production.  Thus, reflecting the years of study to carry more load and undergone extensive prototype testing, YONGMAO has launched the range-topping STT 3330 tower crane with 160 tons’ maximum capacity and 23 tons at 90 meters’ jib length. Such monster cranes are coming with state of the art technology to enhance smoothness of all functions as well as integrate the safe operation of such equipment under severe weather condition, making the achievement of contractor milestones not anymore challenging. 
    House of Equipment LLC was established in United Arab Emirates in 2004. "HOE" is an innovative and dynamic rapidly growing company specialized in managing, trading and servicing of construction equipment and spare parts. As a dealer of Yongmao, Locatelli, Boomtech, Orbit, Dieci and other manufacturers of construction equipment, HOE has established an operational base in Dubai to serve the Middle East and in Algeria to serve North Africa.