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    Irving Equipment Bolsters Fleet with Custom-built National Crane NBT45

    Irving Equipment Bolsters Fleet NBT45

    Irving Equipment has taken delivery of a customized National Crane NBT45 to strengthen its product offering and provide unprecedented reach and efficiency to its customers in Canada’s Maritime Provinces.
    Victor Murty, operations manager for Irving Equipment, said that the NBT45 has enabled the company to offer an alternative lifting option to its customers.
    “When we took a close look at our fleet, we realized we had a service gap that we needed to fill,” he said. “A lot of the jobs we do involve high-reach, low-capacity lifts. We would usually use a hydraulic, truck-mounted crane or an all-terrain crane for these jobs, both of which require a separate truck to haul extra counterweight. The NBT45 gives us the reach we need along with added mobility to get more work done for our customers in less time.”
    Equipped with 142 ft of main boom, Irving’s custom-built NBT45 is currently the longest-reaching crane on a commercial truck chassis working in Canada’s Maritime Provinces. “This boom truck is not a typical design compared with other models found in this area,” Murty explained. “It’s a tandem steer with three axles in the back as opposed to a single steer with a cluster in the back—the pusher axle is in the front of the rear axle instead of behind, as is usually the case in other provinces or states.” 

    Renault Trucks’ New K Xtrem Arrives in ME

    Renault Trucks K Xtrem

    Renault Trucks has introduced the new K Xtrem to the Middle East market. The robust model, developed to take on the most challenging environments found in the Middle East, was launched during Renault Trucks XTREM DAYS event in Marrakech, Morocco.
    The K Xtrem comes with a reinforced chassis and an automated, reinforced Optidriver Xtrem gearbox. The new model offers a total capacity of 32 to 36 tons, and features a cast iron engine flywheel housing and C-shaped side member reinforcement. Customers can specify 24” wheels, bolstering the model’s ability to tackle the toughest terrain.
    Gregoire Blaise, Renault Truck Vice President for Greater Middle East, said: “When developing the C and K ranges, we deployed significant resources to ensure these vehicles deliver maximum reliability and robustness. Each range underwent rigorous quality trials and were also exhaustively field tested under actual operating conditions.’’
    The launch of the K Xtrem follows shortly after the introduction of the robust C and K range from Renault Trucks in 2016. These new model ranges were designed and developed by working closely with international customers, who were involved in the project from the design stage right through to testing in actual operating conditions. 
    The K range has an impressive design with a full steel bumper, exceptional obstacle clearance and the best approach angle on the market. The K Range's variety of chassis reinforcements such as the K Xtrem allow it to adapt to even the toughest conditions. 

    New Concept Standardises Hoist & Crane Control

    Radio Control compact receiver

    J D Neuhaus (JDN) has developed an innovative and robust new concept for controlling hoists and cranes. The company’s JDN-RC (Radio Control) receiver is designed for long-lasting performance in rigorous operating environments commonly found in industrial and offshore applications, including ATEX (explosive atmosphere) zone 2/22 conditions.
    Featuring a solid and extremely compact receiver to suit even hoists with low-carrying capacity, all components are accommodated in a shock-resistant GRP casing offering protection class IP65. The device facilitates quick and straightforward installation. This is largely because the JDN-RC has been developed to help standardise hoist and crane control. As a result, the receiver can be mounted on the hoist or trolley, or at a separate location. At the transmitter, single or two-step commands are supported by control elements that include a key switch, start and stop buttons, joystick, LED operating status display and LED low-voltage indicator. The JDN-RC control allows users to work at a safe distance from the load and take a better viewpoint during operations.  The JDN-RC is ideal for spanning long distances between the hoist and the operator. Both the transmitter and control receiver are rated for operation within the toughest of working conditions. Extreme applications include oil and gas exploration in arctic temperatures as low as -45°C, along with underwater tasks such as ship hull repairs, and plenty of others in demanding sectors like mining, the chemical industry, heavy plant construction and many areas of logistics.

    SDLG Launches Commemorative Machines

    Wheel Loader

    To celebrate 45 years of success, SDLG rolled out a range of special edition equipment that included selected models from its wheel loader, excavator and motor grader portfolio. These include the L953F, L956F, L958F, L968F, LG6120E, LG6225E, LG6300E, G9138 and G9190. said Wang Zhizhong, board chairman of SDLG. “
    SDLG launched the ZL40, its first wheel loader in 1979. Over the last four decades, SDLG has sold millions of machines. Its wheel loaders are the world’s best sellers, by many accounts, and the company has continued to accelerate its growth and expansion in recent years.  With production facility across the globe, its equipment is offered in nearly every country, with the U.S. and Canada becoming the most recent markets in which its products are sold.
    SDLG was one of the first companies in China to adopt the strategy. In 2016, the company began selling its F-Series, Tier 4 final machines across many of its product lines. These machines reduced carbon emissions and improved fuel efficiency for the company’s customers.
    SDLG became the first construction equipment company in China to pledge and successfully reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1.65 million tons. It did this in just three years. Over the next five years, SDLG will invest more than USD 45 million into a smart manufacturing project in pursuit of zero emissions production. 
    SDLG’s signature Top Driver program has also become increasingly influential in the industry, extending out of China into other countries such as Thailand and Russia. 


    MICA Vessel 

    Adding to its exquisite Artist Edition collection, KOHLER introduces two new vessels that reflect and build upon the essence of art in our daily life. To Kohler, life is not only about what is practical, but also includes what is beautiful. 
    The new vessels collection known as MICA comes in two shapes; circular and rectangular. It is more transparent than white and more glittering than gold. This special combination of a white basin with a gold edge presents a special sense of glamor. 
    The fine bone china has a 6mm thin edge design giving it an extremely transparent artistic effect. The unique Supramic material delivers harder and more durable performance compared with common ceramic. 
    The collection is an artistic concept of "more than a piece of art" with an incisive and vivid way, just to let you enjoy the best in luxury, elegance and beauty. 
    Kohler Co. was founded in 1873 and headquartered in Kohler, Wisconsin. The company is one of America's oldest and largest privately held companies comprised of more than 30,000 associates. With more than 50 manufacturing locations worldwide, Kohler is a global leader in the manufacture of kitchen and bath products; engines and power systems; premier furniture, cabinetry and tile; and owner/operator of two of the world's finest five-star hospitality and golf resort destinations in Kohler, and St Andrews, Scotland.

    ACW Exclusive Project Lebanon: A Show of Force

    Project Lebanon this year was like a gathering of highly competitive teams bent on proudly championing their brands, despite Lebanon’s less than favorable building and construction environment. The lineups were impressive, with highly conditioned business-minded construction professionals ready for offensive maneuvers armed with a winning game plan. When the whistle blew, Arab Construction World met some of the players on the sidelines of the pitch just as the contest got underway. Here’s what they said.  

    Hyundai Stand

    Khaled Nasri is the Marketing Manager of CCTechnique Lebanon, a specialized company with over 40 years’ experience in the construction & building materials industry, mainly waterproofing, thermal insulation, lightweight concrete and concrete admixtures products. They are local manufacturers of high-density polypropylene protection boards Plyguard and lightweight concrete machines and foaming agent AERCEL, as well as waterproofing membranes. They are importers of 3M, Gendex Expansion Joints and Veda France Building Joints and export to the Middle East and Africa. 
    “We are contractors, manufacturers and traders operating from our Beirut office and two local factories. Project Lebanon is where we need to be to help Lebanon reach its construction potential,” Nasri said. 
    “There isn’t a residential or commercial construction site that doesn’t need our products and professional services and we offer competitive prices, leveraged by management expertise that win us time and return customers.” 
    Ghassan Gharzeddine, GM of Hyundai’s Construction Equipment dealership in Lebanon since 2013 said his company has been participating in Project Lebanon for three years running. 
    “It’s a very good exhibition, where you connect and network under one roof instead of having to visit clients scattered throughout the country,” said Gharzeddine.  Hyundai are local dealers, however a year ago they launched a Syria office. “Syria is going to be one of the biggest markets in the ME and we want to be first on the scene when it happens, but it’s anyone’s guess when that will happen.” 

    “Syria is going to be one of the biggest markets in the ME and we want to be first on the scene when it happens”

    “We are expecting the coming period to be better and to spring new projects after a slow 3 months to start the year, but only if political agreements are reached will contractors be able to buy machines.” The types of projects of interest to the company include roads and excavation works, bridges, irrigation, and infrastructure. Hyundai forklifts are mostly geared to industrial facilities and processes. 

    Hyundai’s heavy equipment cost on average 10% less than the competition, according to Gharzeddine, “But we are equal when it comes to specifications, and technology.”
    “In the past, it was difficult to convince customers to buy Korean-made products. Not today. They are more than convinced.” The Lebanese Hyundai dealer said that it has the right product offering for the West African market where the company has also ventured.
    Meanwhile, Noel Asswad Sales Manager for Proal Lebanon was prowling visitors for a chance at a perfect sales pitch to promote his company’s brands at their third participation in project Lebanon. Being Abet Laminati's distributor, and a part of MDCC group, Proal and its sister companies, Prodesign and ICCT, cover everything, from concept development to execution/realization, supplying materials, proposing innovative designs, and providing technical support, and guaranteed quality finish and after-sales maintenance for all of their clients’ cladding needs.
    “Thanks to our participation in Project Lebanon, we do many projects where we use our expertise in exterior decorative walls using Laminate, an Italian product made from resin and fiber with a digital print outer layer that will not require maintenance, won’t discolor or be affected by temperature over time,” said Asswad.  
    “We supply-apply and at USD140/m2, we’re on the high end but our USP is our service and superior installation of finished products.”  
    Paul Seikali is GM at Progress Smart Solutions; a company specialized in the supply of Wiring Devices, Home Automation Systems, UPS, Retrofit LED, and Architectural & Decorative Lighting. From the date of its establishment in 1962, “Progress Engineering” was specialized in the trading of electrical industrial devices and the manufacturing of various Electrical Distribution Boards as well as Control Panels. In 2007, the company established the Qatar branch, and became successfully active in the field of architectural and decorative luxury lighting as well as smart control lighting systems for hotel, palace and tower projects.
    “We have been exhibiting for 3 years, today representing, among others, Verbatim, a technology company whose quality you can trust,” said Seikali. 
    “We have high quality at good prices LED spots selling at USD5 for replacement of 50 watt home bulbs. For higher power, we have an 8.5 watt replacement for 50-watt halogen, lasting 40,000-50,000 hours.” 
    Seikali said that Lebanon is a difficult market because Lebanese look for cheaper solutions before opting for smarter ones. “The French like to know that their money is well spent.”

    “Our objectives here is to meet architects, and consultants who will see well-priced high quality and powerful products that look expensive but really aren’t.”  

    Charbel Habib is co-owner of Habib Power solutions, local assemblers of Diesel generator sets ranging from 10KVAs to 3600 KVAs,  in addition to renting all generators sizes from 1 KVA to 3000KVAs, operating from an 1800 m2 factory and 2500 m2 service workshop in Zouk Mosbeh and a service point in Dora, . 
    “We are experts in 24/7 maintenance, the only company that is really sleepless,” Habib said. “If you tell me this is Christmas Eve, or Independence Day at 3 am, there is no excuse for us not showing up, otherwise we pay heavy penalties as per our service contracts with major hospitals, universities and other institutions”
    Habib Power Solutions produces a range of electrical solutions, including synchronization, ABS, and main distribution boards for commercial and residential projects, as well as new solutions for wireless remote monitoring of fuel tanks.

    “We will go to the Big 5 in the UAE because from there the gates to Africa are wide open”

    The company has been based in Lebanon for the last 8 years, but its real prospects lay elsewhere. “We don’t depend only on the Lebanese market. The strength of our business comes from projects,” said Habib.
    “Local projects do good if you have 5-7 of these lined up, but bulk orders are coming from Africa.” In Lebanon, the company can sell one project seven-5oo KVA units, each with insulation, soundproofing and exhausting systems, which cost maybe USD0.5 million dollars. On the other hand, 1 order for Africa of 20 KVA or 15 KVA generators is for at least 250 units, and at much higher prices than in Lebanon.  
    “We will go to the Big 5 in the UAE because from there the gates to Africa are wide open. And let’s not forget Syria, when it opens, will be the second Africa, and we’re already being showered with inquiries from Syrian businesses.” 
    Last but not least, Imad Abdel Nour, owner of Ira Flora Design, looked breathless running up and down the aisle, answering visitor inquiries about his green wall designs. “I am an interior designer who studied in Florence Italy then took over the family business and started this company 5 months ago, doing green art, the best high-end quality personally designed artificial plants, or catered to client tastes, for any type of surface,” Abdel Nour said. 
    “I did 10 projects, including high end Lebanese restaurants, like Abdel Wahab and Diwan Beirut, but I also do homes and offices.” 
    If you don’t want a green wall, you can have smaller pieces or frames turned into unique green spaces. 
    “I am not expensive but the best part about bringing the outdoors in is that my creations cost less than natural green walls, and don’t need maintenance, water, piping or soil,” he said.   

    ACW Staff