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    World’s Largest Construction Hoist System at Work

    Alimak Hek recently installed the largest personnel and material hoist in the world at NYU Langone Kimmel Pavilion hospital in 2016. This USD1.2 billion expansion project, which is scheduled for completion in 2018, is a 21 story, 830,000 sq. foot medical facility aimed at providing patients and their families with more efficient and quality healthcare. The Alimak Mammoth Triplex, has 12,400 kg (27,225 lbs.) of lifting capacity per set up, a hoist floor area of nearly triple that of other large hoists and is the most advanced hoist system that the company has installed to date. At the corner of 34th and FDR Drive, there is very little room for a tower crane or another hoist. Due to the space constraints at the site, alternate sides of the mast sections were utilized to accept two high speed Alimak Scando 650 FC-S high speed construction hoists which will mainly be used by personnel with the addition of an Alimak Scando TM 60/55 FC which is a personnel and material hoist. The Alimak Scando 650 FC-S is one of the world’s fastest hoists with speeds up to 100 m/min (330 fpm). Since hundreds of employees will be needing to access different floors at various times, the high-speed hoists will increase efficiency. Safety is always a priority for the company and these machines are furnished with the latest safety equipment from overload sensors to self-greasing reservoirs for reducing worker exposures during routine maintenance. One of the key features of this installation is the company’s A3 system which is a real time online monitoring system that helps troubleshoot issues before they turn into problems.

    The Prefab Solutions

    With the advent of high rise buildings and urbanization all over the GCC and MENA region, ease of safe transport of heavy materials, equipment and even prefabricated structures all throughout the site is crucial.  “For construction jobs where you constantly need to lift and transport heavy load, you will need a high capacity crane as the most cost-effective and safest solution” says Waiel Manfalouti, CEO of House of Equipment LLC the dealer of Yongmao Tower Crane in the Middle East and MENA region. Yongmao, one of the earliest CE certified tower crane from China has had a long focus on higher-capacity tower cranes, to move heavy prefab concrete components especially in sectors like nuclear that have traditionally been the preserve of crawlers and all terrains. Additionally, Yongmao exercises its full potential by introducing new machining equipment and robotic technology in their leading edge production.  Thus, reflecting the years of study to carry more load and undergone extensive prototype testing, YONGMAO has launched the range-topping STT 3330 tower crane with 160 tons’ maximum capacity and 23 tons at 90 meters’ jib length. Such monster cranes are coming with state of the art technology to enhance smoothness of all functions as well as integrate the safe operation of such equipment under severe weather condition, making the achievement of contractor milestones not anymore challenging. 
    House of Equipment LLC was established in United Arab Emirates in 2004. "HOE" is an innovative and dynamic rapidly growing company specialized in managing, trading and servicing of construction equipment and spare parts. As a dealer of Yongmao, Locatelli, Boomtech, Orbit, Dieci and other manufacturers of construction equipment, HOE has established an operational base in Dubai to serve the Middle East and in Algeria to serve North Africa.

    DC PRO Plays Leading Role in Australia’s Green Future

    DC PRO Engineering, the UAE-based Engineering Consultancy firm, has expanded its operations and opened two offices in Australia to service the growing demand from businesses and entities across the country for a push towards renewable energy. Renewables are earmarked as a key driver in Australia’s energy future as the country transitions away from fossil fuels to cleaner, greener energy in line with its commitment to cut carbon emissions under the terms of the Paris Agreement signed by almost all the world’s countries in 2015 to tackle climate change. New research from the Australia Institute suggests that the best way for the country to meet its goal of reducing emissions by as much as 28 per cent is to ensure 66 per cent of its energy comes from renewable sources by 2030. The company’s offices in Perth, Western Australia and Melbourne, Victoria, will work with public and private entities spanning the east west electricity grids, to adapt latest technological innovations and new approaches to meet energy distribution, generation and storage to meet the needs of Australian consumers. George Berbari, CEO of DC PRO Engineering, explained: “Renewables are on the way to becoming the dominant source of energy across the globe. Governments are now aware that global warming is a real threat and are now focusing on sustainability. The Australian government has pledged to cut its greenhouse gas emissions significantly by 2030, and DC PRO Engineering identified a way in which we could contribute to this vision that embodies our approach. “Australia is just one of many territories where we have identified growth opportunities, but the main reason the company has opened offices in Australia is to be part of the country’s green vision and journey and to share our expertise. “District energy technologies will play an increasingly important role in energy storage and conservation given the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, and this is one area where the company will excel. Marcus Wearing-Smith, representative of DC PRO Australia, said: “District energy systems are being considered as a necessary component of Australia’s energy future. The emergence of Renewable Energy Micro Grids is essential to cater for the geographically disparate energy profile of the Australian continent. Traditional electricity grids are failing.  The company’s experience is directly aligned with the new energy regime emerging in Australia. “

    The company has the in-depth knowledge and experience of energy efficiency precinct and district systems combined with an exceptional understanding of enhanced HVAC systems applied to cooling dominant environments. DC PRO’s integration of ultra-high efficiency, small to large-scale energy solutions, coupled with renewable energy systems, places DC PRO in a unique position to contribute to the mix of energy solutions demanded by Federal and State governments in Australia. “Through its Australian offices, DC PRO Engineering will focus on the introduction of medium to large scale precinct and district energy systems in the Australian energy landscape, with a focus on integrated energy systems incorporating thermal energy storage combined with enhanced integrated renewable energy systems. The firm will offer both mechanical and electrical engineering services and assist in achieving global best practices in energy efficiency performance. Direct Energy Australia, an established engineering firms that offer services to government and private enterprises, will partner with the company on office coordination and client liaison. Direct Energy Australia’s has an engineering team with expertise in renewable energy, electrical & controls, electrical, mechanical, as well as a forward-thinking geothermal designer, which will facilitate client relations for the company.  

    Energy Matters: Boosting Energy Efficiency in Dubai Homes

    TAQATI - Dubai Energy Efficiency Program announces the successful completion of the pilot ‘Home Energy Advice Program’. Building on the momentum to improve energy efficiency in Dubai, TAQATI - Dubai Energy Efficiency Program announced the successful completion of the pilot ‘Home Energy Advice Program’. The program was run across 60 homes in Dubai as part of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) ‘Ideal Home Initiative’ and supports DEWA’s efforts to achieve the Smart Dubai initiative launched by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to make Dubai the smartest and happiest city in the world. The ‘Home Energy Advice Program’ was created to support the program’s efforts in raising awareness on energy efficiency amongst Dubai residents, as part of Dubai’s Demand Side Management (DSM) Strategy which aims to reduce energy consumption by 30% by 2030. The program provides personalised advice to homeowners to help reduce their energy consumption. As part of the pilot program, teams made up of representatives from TAQATI, DEWA and AESG advisors visited 60 homes in Dubai to collect information on electricity and water consuming appliances and on behavioural elements, and to conduct basic technical tests, including water flow testing. “The Home Energy Advice Program is one of the enabling mechanisms to improve awareness amongst Dubai residents to achieve energy savings in the residential sector as part of the Demand Side Management strategy”, as stated by H.E. Ahmad Buti Al Muhairbi, Secretary General of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy. “TAQATI works in line with the strategies and goals set by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and contributes to promoting sustainable development. The Home Energy Advice program not only provided the residents with advice and information on methods to minimise home energy use, but also helped them reduce energy bills without compromising on comfort,” said Ali Al Jassim, CEO of Etihad ESCO. Following the visits, a personalised home energy conservation report (in English and Arabic) was shared with each home to highlight potential water and electricity savings through customised energy conservation measures and tips. The ‘Home Energy Advice Program’, is the first-of-its-kind in the UAE, and has received positive feedback from the home owners, displaying their interest in learning more about their home energy efficiency and willingness to conserve energy and generate savings on their utility bills. “Utilising personalised assessments and expert advice, the ‘Home Energy Advice Program’ is designed to make beneficial long-term changes for Dubai consumers. While the pilot project has been successful and received positive feedback, TAQATI will assess the results of the pilot program in achieving water and electricity savings in Dubai homes. Once we have achieved positive results, theprogram will be rolled out on a larger scale across Dubai to enhance energy efficiency in Dubai homes” said Aref Abou Zahr, Executive Director of TAQATI. TAQATI is a dedicated Program Management Office for Dubai’s DSM Strategy which targets a reduction in energy consumption by 30 per cent by 2030.It was established by the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE) under Etihad Energy Services Company to provide implementation support and guidance to all relevant stakeholders for the DSM Strategy.

    Mumbai Developer Godrej Properties Targets Green NRI Investors

    Leading Japanese architectural and urban design firm Nikken Sekkei and Mumbai-based developer Godrej Properties, are presenting their collaborative residential work - Godrej Origins at The Trees, in Mumbai, at Cityscape Global, which is currently taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre. The development, in India’s commercial capital, transformed a former soap factory into a stylish, vibrant and sustainable community with a strong sense of place. Aimed at upper middle-class Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) the project, once completed in Q2, 2021, will provide sustainable luxury living certified to the highest global standards, offering unique views, lifestyle and personalized options for each home. ‘Godrej Origins’ not only promises a more sustainable lifestyle, it also offers a healthy return-on-investment at an opportune time. According to industry analysts, property market sales in India are expected to grow at 14% (CAGR) until 2020 and 18% from 2020-25. It is estimated that the 2.6-million strong Indian expatriate community in the UAE alone invested USD1.69 billion into the Indian real estate market in the first nine months of 2016, according to a report from property consultancy Square Yards. “We have witnessed an overwhelming response to this development from end users and investors alike, with the majority of the inventory that we have released, sold out within a few days of the launch. “This vibrant mixed use development, is also home to our head office building Godrej One, our upcoming luxury Taj hotel as well as a museum which offers a unique lifestyle choice for Indian real estate,” said Anubhav Gupta, Executive Vice President - Business Head Vikhroli, Chief Design Officer, Head CSR and Sustainability at Godrej Properties.

    Construction Projects Market Remains Strong in the GCC

    Total value of 21,893 active construction projects in the GCC reached USD2.4 trillion at the beginning of September 2017, according to according to BNC Network. Of these, the total value of urban construction projects reached USD1.18 trillion in September 2017. The urban construction contracts constitute 80 percent of the contracts awarded for all sectors in GCC. “The governments and the private sector developers of the GCC region appears to be unmoved by the slowdown in the global economy and the lower oil price environment. Our latest GCC Construction Intelligence report shows that the projects are going ahead despite the challenging global economic situation," Avin Gidwani, Chief Executive Officer of BNC Network, said. “This is very good news for the businesses considering the overall global economy where countries are trying to push the economic growth rate to a slightly higher level.”

    “The continuation of these projects, worth USD2.40 trillion, will keep many businesses, especially the sub-contractors, suppliers remain in business and help save millions of jobs across the region. If these projects continue as planned, the region will not only be saved from a possible recession and job losses, but also these will ensure stronger economic growth across the region,” he added. The GCC constitutes 85 percent of all active projects in the MENA and in dollar terms, these projects account for 68 percent of the total estimated value. “These are exciting times for all those living in the GCC and the UAE – where most of the economic development activities are happening and we are passing through an exciting time,” he continued.

     “Events like Dubai Expo 2020 along with stabilization of the oil price and the drive of the various GCC countries to achieve economic diversification and increase in the living standards will play a vital role in the construction industry contract awards,” Gidwani said. “As the economic growth is expected to pick up pace next year, we expect an increased construction activity across the board in 2018. New project announcements by major developers that have taken place from 2016 till now, will go into tender next year and trigger increased construction activities across the GCC,” he concluded.

    Avin Gidwani
    Chief Executive Officer
    BNC Network