Innovation to Catalyze Productivity For GCC’s Construction Market

    According to construction industry’s experts, technology innovation is expected to boost productivity and increase effectiveness for the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) construction market. New research from McKinsey Global Institute found that the global construction industry is ripe for disruption. Adopting best practices in seven key areas could boost productivity by 50 to 60 percent, which would result in gains worth USD 1.6 trillion a year, or boost global GDP by two percent.

    The research suggests large-scale industry players engaged in heavy construction such as civil and industrial work and large-scale housing tend to have 20 to 40 percent higher productivity than smaller firms. “Construction is currently among the least digitized industries, and the sector will benefit from adapting to, and adopting technologies that increase productivity. Adopting technologies such as digital collaboration tools could raise productivity by as much as 15 percent and reduce project costs by up to 45 percent,” said Dr. Ghassan Ziadat, vice president of Major Projects, McKinsey & Company. Digital transformation has the power to engage, optimize and empower the construction industry. 

    The November 2017 issue of Arab Construction World (ACW) magazine covers a range of interesting articles and news. The article on page 07 discusses the latest drivers of the global cranes market. Page 17 talks about the performance of hydraulic demolition machines & breakers in the global construction industry, while on page 33, new projects are expanding the infrastructure growth in UAE. This issue is also abounded with a number of technical articles, country reports, and the latest industry news. We kindly draw your attention that starting January 2018 issue, in order to reflect better our magazine’s mission as well as its global reach which is not limited to the Arab / MENA region, ACW’s name will change to construction HQ (cHQ). Your comments and remarks are appreciated so please don’t hesitate to contact us through our

    Fathi Chatila