Connecting China: Protecting Highways in World’s Eastern Corners

    Established for over 40 years, the UK coating manufacturer Stirling Lloyd, recently acquired by GCP Applied Technologies (GCP), develops and manufactures high quality waterproofing and surfacing products for use in the protection of infrastructure, including highways, tunnels and bridges. Providing a global reach, the coatings specialist has recently seen a surge in demand from highway and bridge developments in Asia in particular. The company’s portfolio, used in constructing some of the world’s most iconic bridges and structures, is currently experiencing a period of growth in Asia, including a current project on the world’s longest bridge over water. Carl Pearse, Regional Manager, Asia Pacific, has been working with contractors in Asia for several years. “Our experience of waterproofing steel orthotropic bridges with Gussasphalt (GA) and Mastic Asphalt (MA) in similar environmental conditions has helped us secure a number of recent competitive tenders. “Our proven track record in meeting the capacity and on a tight delivery programme, coupled with effective commercial, logistical and technical support all help offer reassurance to the authorities. “There’s a genuine spirit of partnership working with all the stakeholders, which in this instance included client, contractors, applicators and inspecting authorities in Asia. Working in close collaboration with highly professional and highly motivated organisations, with excellent engineering knowledge and commitment to the quality and success of the project has meant that when faced with typical and some specific new challenges they’ve been solved in an open and pragmatic way, helping to keep the project on track.” The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HKZMB) at 500,000m2 is currently the largest single bridge deck project that the Eliminator® waterproofing system has ever been part of.