SENER Receives ‘The European’ Award

    Tunnel Under Suez, Egypt

    The engineering and construction group, SENER, has won the prestigious 'The European' award for best infrastructure and transport company, as part of the British publication's annual awards program for innovation and excellence in organizations. This year, 'The European' has chosen to acknowledge the work of the company in the area of infrastructure and transport with this award, which, in the 2017 edition, rewards the company's work carried out in the MENA region. Every year, ‘The European’ gives recognition to organizations and individuals that stand out from the rest for initiatives related to good governance, innovation and know-how, as well as for the quality of their products and services. At present, SENER is carrying out infrastructure, transportation, energy and construction projects in the MENA region, in countries such as Qatar, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Algeria and Morocco. Over the last 15 years, the company has implemented projects in the north of Africa, in particular Algeria, where it has participated in works such as the extension of the Algiers metro system, and the tram and metro system of Oran. Likewise, in June 2015, the company began an ambitious project in Egypt to design two road tunnels under the Suez Canal. The company has carried out projects in the Middle East since 2010, when it was awarded a contract for the preliminary design of the light metro and tram system of Abu Dhabi. Currently, it is working on the design and supervision of the electromechanical installations for the extension of the Red Line of the Dubai metro system.