BMTC renovates 50-year flagship showroom in Dubai

    celebrating the new showroom

    Bahri & Mazroei Trading Company (BMTC), one of the region’s leading provider of electrical, lighting and water solutions, announced the opening of its renovated flagship showroom in Dubai, following an USD273 thousand facelift. 
    The 500 sq metre showroom in Al Khabaisi brings a heritage of over 50 years, and has been the go-to place for partners, across multiple industries, to source a diverse selection of electrical, lighting and water solutions.
    The showroom has now been aesthetically and functionally enhanced, and serves as a one-stop shop featuring the entire portfolio of BMTC’s solutions as well as a dedicated space for extra-low voltage (ELV) systems. The showroom has smart technology upgrades too to strengthen operational efficiency, assuring a seamless experience for customers. Further, the new design considerations are tailored to facilitate effortless upgrades to the showroom in the future. 
    With the new showroom, the company can offer highly efficient services, while also enhancing the productivity and efficiency of its operations as it meets the needs of the UAE’s infrastructure development projects.
    BMTC is further expanding in Abu Dhabi with a brand-new, 300 sq metre showroom in Musaffah set to open in May. The Musaffah showroom – the fifth BMTC outlet in the UAE - will also showcase all its lighting, street lighting, electrical and water solutions. BMTC currently has outlets in prime locations in Dubai, Mussafah, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. All showrooms are innovatively designed and present top-quality products & solutions.